Monday, April 05, 2010

why the moment

The moment seems better
Than a long-drawn out story
More pure, more possible,
Less to endure,less gory

Every film drags,
While the plot thickens,
Each article grates,
While word counts beckon

People add facetious arguments
Characters develop endearing flaws
And I wait, restless, fidgeting,
Checking to see the time that's left.


Riya said...

Intriguing thought. Reminded me of something I'd written way back in 2001. So dug it out:

Never fall in love with a poet.

A poet’s beauty lies in the unsaid…

Poets build with fragments,
And walk the tightrope of separate moments.

And sometimes,
Their foot slips
And they fall

In the black endless abyss
That exists between any two beautiful moments.

They have no chronology
No beginning and no end

Don’t fall in love with poets.
They have no reason.

And nowadays they have no rhyme.

Diogenes said...

ever thought of publishing your works,Coonlet?


Apt work of art expressed better moment. And, this very moment is the only reality as past is over and future is vacillation. God Bless You.