Thursday, December 31, 2009


the decade ends
and decade hence
thoughts of decadence

what teenage hopes will i shelved
will life have ebbed
will the spirit survive
when I'm forty five?

what rot may creep
darkness descend
relationships to mend
when the next decade ends?

a lifetime away
who was that person
what did he want
memory is hazy
and my brain is lazy

what memories will linger
to count on one's fingers
the past is a blur
the moment all I treasure

what ambitions will die
like fog in the night
vapours that linger
yet slip through my fingers

the montage is gripping
the pain is slipping
the sun shines through clouds
over, and out.


half-malaccan said...
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Shujoy said...

I miss the word play man, as I miss the thought trips and so many of your sensibilities.

And I guess I will remain your fan forever.