Sunday, May 13, 2007


11 personal discoveries made in 2007 (uptil May):

i don't communicate enough verbally, and people tend to misunderstand me because of my haste. and the fact that i can see ahead at times, mustn't lead me to assume others can too.

the early Stones did a lot of cool stuff, which isn't hits. like ripping off chuck berry, and writing songs like "connection" and "come on".

sam cooke. life gets better every day, knowing that i found him.

if you pretend, people will believe. and what you wish for will come true. so it isn't a pretend.
a self-fulfilling prophecy by any other name will smell as sweet.

old men tend to treat me like a son. and i like it.

chuck berry. the original bad boy, writer of narrative songs. and a man with a sound that reverberates through the years.

instead of complicated plots, go back to the classics, and the myths. there's good stuff there.

have yourself in your films, and stand by it. quirky and simple is good. remember "the edukators" and "blue" and "chungking express".

friends and acquaintances will have their own priorities always. beware of doing too much out of friendship. and protect yourself by remembering your own priorities.

the world is simpler than you think. dressing well matters.

old polonius was right: neither a borrower nor a lender be. it will piss you off to collect.

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