Friday, May 11, 2007

1/33 "on knowing, trivia, and coincidence"

people notice that 33 turns up quite frequently, once they start looking for it. there are websites dedicated to this.
And today i went to a rooftop bar on the 33rd floor. barely 4 hours after my posting.
baghdad is 33degrees 33 minutes north.
i'm not surprised. there are some weird cosmic awarenesses that we become cognizant of.

and here's thirty three interesting words, referring to things you thought never had any names. knew 5 before i read the page. from quizzing over 15 years ago.

which leads me to interrogate: why did i quiz? why is knowing and proving that i know so important to me? what is the psychological explanation?
and why did i stop? have i lost the desire to be dominant? and to be feted? am i know seeking a higher purpose on maslow's hierarchical arrangement?

the smallest theoretical physical particle is 10 raised to minus 33.....and one feels very small now....

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