Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Football World Cup 2006 deserves a blog entry, surely.

Brazil vs France. What memories it brings: a final I watched in 1998, and, supporting Brazil, was forced to respect France, whom I would have supported if it hadn't been Brazil, (or Italy) they were playing.

And now, again, France forces respect, while Brazil seems laboured, yet still the favourites. Zidane and Henry vs Ronaldinho, Real and Arsenal vs Barca. Henry trying to make up for the Champions League loss too. I wonder how it will end, and whom I want to win? Maybe the first goal will decide it, and i will feel emotion for one or the other. As I type, I think it could be Brazil, because they (should) play with joy, as football should be played, but never is.

And the Brazilian supporters are legendary, and better-looking than the French, perpetuating the idea that Brazil is the perfect place to visit for a holiday, and more racially integrated than most.

And now I think of Italy, whom I've supported since 1990, even when they played boring football, but with such enthusiasm and longing to win at home, that it was beautiful. And when there were power-cuts during the games, my sister had a chant which involved all the names of all the squad, all 23. And they looked good, with the divine ponytail, and this time too, with Luca Toni, Zambrotta and Buffon who's no buffoon, but please, no penalties for Italy, they are too nervous for those, and the weight of history is against them, history that makes them strong as a nation makes them weak as footballers. What irony! "My only love sprung from my only hate"

And I hope England loses now. Before they meet Brazil/France. How can such a boring team get so far? Germany did in 1990 too. But of the final 8 teams, Argentina, Germany, Italy have played interesting football. And Brazil still stands strong, while France gets better....

Watching Romeo+Juliet, missed my Queeen Mab speech, but caught my second role as the Prince, "Romeo is banished!" I think Di Caprio was never better. He was possibly a real-life Romeo, inspired casting. Vain, ineffectual, pretty boy,yet likeable. And Danes was dishy. She never did anything better though either, haha.

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