Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This is the first post of the new year. Have made several resolutions, and so far haven't broken any. Chief among them: become more patient and less angry. Road rage is the biggest threat. Mumbai traffic sucks. Roads are being dug everywhere, roads barely 2 cars wide are now 1 car wide.
Haven't counted, but have probably seen 50 of Ebert's top 100. The last great movie I saw was Wenders' "Wings of Desire". Ethereal. Beautiful and sad. Wonder if part of the effect on me is because Angels have a spiritual significance for me. It is Yuletide, and angels are a general theme right now. Also bought Robbie Williams' greatest hits, and read that Angels is the most widely played song at both English weddings and funerals. That's got to mean something.
Funny how when you discover a word you find it everywhere else as well, like a hoarding that follows you.....

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