Saturday, December 07, 2013

Rambles After 

Same old place,
Same old face,
New people making small talk,
New forces making me walk,
The end of the old road,
Understand, I tell you, the new code.

I can see but not hear you  talk to me,
Leave me alone, I'd rather be,
Sitting on my balcony,
Reading the history of the Shawnee.
Or anything but drinking with you,
Watching fools of different hues,
Shake their bodies as if they felt it,
Faking sincerely, as if they meant it.

The time is now,
But what, who, how,
Remain mysterious, serious,
Possibly deleterious,
This endangered species,
Is worth a few theses,
So tell me what you feel,
As the orange gets peeled,
And the layers get revealed,
And the wounds are left to heal.

1 comment:

Andrew Macpherson said...

Excellent work Sandeep