Thursday, April 24, 2008

after the first leg of the semi final

so it's april
another semi-final
and as the ball flies wide
i sleep fitfully inside

and now i wonder
what has changed
for mr ronaldo
and for me

he's become bigger, more likeable
i've become smaller, more likeable
he's arrived, i'm yet to
he's missed a shot, i've yet to take mine

he may slip to a slump,
or rise to the higher heights
i've to rise, see my name in lights
and we shall see how it goes
which way the summer wind blows

and i wish him well, for when Man U last won
it was 1999, and my life's tangled web was more unspun
Hope glittered and shone
As the new century arrived
A large white ship with precious cargo inside
now part of the fight is lost and done
and we're eight years on,
one match to go,
summer's come,
don't talk, just show.

stay hungry said steve, stay foolish too
mr ronaldo, best of luck to you.

1 comment:

Hemant Soreng said...

Gr8. Hope you have another inspired one after the crazy finals ManU-Chelsea.