Monday, October 29, 2007

jack's song

September's offensive,
Futile, facing winter's discontent.

fatal attractions, cosmic retractions,
perversions and aversions, segue into pleasant diversions,
i've forgotten who i was, and where i am headed,
what i want, and who i've bedded.

night's down, bleeding black,
i rest my case, slowly lean back,
Yawp at the skies, i'm amused and laughing,
the horses snort a shadowy breath,
skeletons traipse the Dance of Death,
the power floods, the juices flowing,
the pubs are empty, the lights are glowing,
the ladies amble, the darkness groaning,
i step to shadows, i choose my prey,
my blade glitters, it's time to play.


riya said...

wow. i'm slowly graduating from reader to fan!

p.s. is that supposed to be 'yawp'?

100hands said...

in triptychs
Breaking a hand
Knifing a vein
in diptychs
Killing a band
Lighting a jane

jun said...

dude, where's my t-shirt?!!!!!