Sunday, August 19, 2007

a familiar old place, almost my place, where i have been and will be again, burnt shop lots behind locked doors, false modesty while their secrets lie naked to the sky, the smoky temple of buddha and the faded goddess saraswati pictures clinging to the holy tree, thin old men on bicycles, rushing slowly, with unseeing eyes, bars spilling their customers like stoned maggots onto the roads, and the constantly gorgingtalkingmovingpeople
the broken graves, with mossy sunlight filtering through the pencil trees like the fingers of God, to touch and soothe, the inscriptions of love, etched into a place where no one comes, and yet it's therapeutic, we shall be like this once again, we shall eat the fresh fish on the new table cloth, while the cars line up and the rakish cook smokes a refreshing cigarette, while the skies leak a gentle rain of blessings upon us all, and the red lights are lit in the blue mansion to welcome the bats of luck.
through it all the wise ginger cat with the leonine halo sits proudly, smiling inscrutably....

for penang, august 18, 07


Shujoy said...

Well hello, what's going on? Your poetry can only mean one thing.

riya said...

hey. reminded me of Bashar Nawaz's nazm from Bazaar. Karoge Yaad To. Maybe your context is completely different, but well, that's what a reader's free association is entitled to!!

Karoge Yaad To Har Baat Yaad Aayegi
Guzarte Waqt Ki Har Mauj Thehar Jayegi

Yeh Chand Beete Zamanon Ka Aaina Hoga
Bhatakti Abra Mein Chehra Koi Bana Hoga
Udaas Raah Koi Dastaan Sunayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Barasta Bheegta Mausam Dhuan - Dhuan Hoga
Pighalti Shammon Pe Dil Ka Mere Guma Hoga
Hatheliyon Ki Heena Yaad Kuchh Dilayegi
Karoge Yaad To...

Gali Ke Modh Pe Soona Sa Koi Darwaaza
Tarasti Aankhon Se Rasta Kisika Dekhega
Nigaah Door Talak Jaake Laut Aayegi
Karoge Yaad To...