Sunday, January 07, 2007

Was watching the beginning of "The Aviator" and I realize that I could actually like Leo Di Caprio, even though earlier in this very blog I have incriminated myself by posting my dislike for his wimpy stuff in general. Just shows that I like boyish charming heroes, or at least, they should have that ability, even if they mostly don't use it. Cay Grant, George Clooney.
And as for heroines, the ones i like are usually ice-maidens who act tough but have soft-centres/moments of weakness revealed. Grace Kelly above all, Michelle Pfeiffer.
Both of which make for very boring, common kind of stock characters, so Hollywood must be credited for identifying these kinds of characters which resonate with people. Especially these kinds of heriones don't figure much in literature I think, apart from Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice. wonder what are the other types of archetypes for heroines...maybe the classics of Homer would have some clues....or the classics of India, where female characters were smart, innovative and 3-dimensional, 3000 years fact there is a whole train of thought along the lines of how modern heroines have become more uni-dimensional.....
And the class of heroes which are the coolest are of course, for me at least, the Jim Carreys of the world. Cocky, smart, witty, rude at times, sensitive and vain. then again, there aren't too many like him. Can't think of a single one, actually...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sandeep
Leo in The Departed did look like a boy trying to be a man. Quite in contrast to Matt Damon who had that look of intensity and conversely couldn't act out the role of the lover quite well either. You like Jim Carey? Then you would like Hugh Laurie. And some stand up comics, like George Carlin and I think some of the early Jay Leno.
Anyway this was meant to be less a response to your post than to make the connection to your past. Post-Past get it? Harish V. Yes the same. Same company. In your neighborhood.