Saturday, June 03, 2006


8x4. Where did it all go?

An age you never thought you'd see,
with this potbelly for company.

Rather with a yacht on a hazy horizon,
And a bank balance deeper than Poseidon.

But it's not bad, you're not a dad.

You get less mad, you're not so prone to being sad.

Julius Caesar cried, when Alexander's statue he spied.
At 33 the young man died.
He'd conquered a world,
and Julius's hair curled.

But there is still time,
to learn, to repent,
to leave the energy unspent.
to make something significant,
when fate calls, to play truant.

Escape, arise, avast!
(Can't wait for Pirates, will be a blast!)
Be cool, be true to your school,
the Stoics would approve.

Don't evade, don't duck.
God bless, good night and good luck.


100hands said...

Rocker. Never let those metamechanical hands tire.

Arundhati said...

You are you...32 is a number!