Monday, February 20, 2006

About a photograph

Smiling, white, fresh from dentist's scraper.
Gladden me, in a gritty smile, we took awhile,
from my mobile phone,
detritus of a wired eon,
In a shopping mall, in the winter of our content.

Now in the summer of my sadness,
I look at the whiteness,
And in the background I feel the brightness,
Her teeth still make me smile, before the tears trickle out.

God bless Nokia for what remains,
Memories of six years are erasing in my head,
Until there will be just the brightness,
And the emptiness in my bed.


Anonymous said...

Keep the spark alive.
May it kindle into fire
and light up the whole world.

Keep it up Dude!


T said...

strange how you've woven those words together, i read it by chance, but it touched a chord somewhere inside my mind. thought shd tell u so.

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