Monday, April 26, 2004

just saw Alain Resnais' "Last year at Marienbad" yesterday. Slow, yet interesting. The dialogue is hypnotic, and you know its a work of art because 40 years after it was made, it still irks your curiosity.
Have found a purpose for this blog: I'm going to write about movies I've seen, and what I think.
The picture is slow, yet haunting. You don't know if the actors are in the past or the present, you don't know what the motives for the lead actor are. You aren't even clear what is the relationship between the the lead actress and the man who appears once in a while to halt the lead pair.
In a word, this film is typically everything you asociate with "art films". And yet it isn't boring, it slowness forces you to slow your rhythm of viewing as well, to match its pace. It's worth the effort. Peter Greenaway called it a true film, because it couldn't exist as an artistic expression in any other medium. I thought that was a very powerful statement.

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